No-cost vaccination clinic Mon Jan 13 at PHS

The Rhode Island Department of Health , The Wellness Company, and Portsmouth emergency planners  will offer a no-cost vaccination clinic at Portsmouth High School on Monday January 13 from 5:00 PM through 8:00 PM.

Seasonal flu vaccinations, as well as two other vaccinations (see below) will be offered at this clinic. You may receive any or all of these vaccinations at no cost.

Who can be served at the clinic:

  •  There are NO residency requirements
  •  See details on each vaccine being offered for age ranges of who may get it (below)
  •  Minors (under age 18) need to have their parent or guardian sign the consent form


  •  No out-of-pocket costs for anyone
  •  Those with health insurance should bring proof of health insurance to the clinic
  •  Those who are uninsured can be vaccinated at no cost to the individual


Who Should Get Seasonal Flu Vaccine
All Rhode Islanders ages 6 months+ should be vaccinated against seasonal flu, especially infants, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, or household/close contacts of any of those groups.


Who Should Get Tdap Vaccine
Tdap vaccine is recommended for:

  •  Persons 11 years and older who have never received Tdap vaccine
  •  Pregnant woman (during each pregnancy after 20 weeks gestation)
  •  Anyone in close contact with a pregnant woman or caring for a baby, especially infants less than 1 year
  •  Anyone with a weakened immune system condition, such as a chronic respiratory problem; neuromuscular disease, or immunodeficiency disorder, and their household contacts
  • Professionals including school staff, daycare workers, and healthcare workers
  • All adults 65 and older who have not been vaccinated for Tdap since 2011
  • There is a state school entry requirement that all students entering Grade 7 receive one dose of Tdap vaccine.
  • Tdap vaccine offered at this clinic will meet the state’s Grade 7 vaccination requirement.

Who Should Get Pneumococcal Vaccine

Pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for:

  • All adults 65 years and older who have not previously been vaccinated against pneumonia
  • Adults who are 19 through 64 years who smoke or have chronic illnesses (heart and lung disease. asthma, diabetes, alcoholism, liver disease) need one dose before age 65 years; and
  • Adults who are 19 through 64 years who have HIV or other immuno-compromised disorders, or spleen disorders including sickle cell disease need 2 doses before age 65 years separated by 5 years
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