Preparing for open house

Team members from Portsmouth EMA’s Internet Public Information Unit and the Emergency¬†Communications¬†Unit got together this evening in the Portsmouth Emergency Operations Center to check out all systems in preparation for Sunday’s open house. The IPI team exercised two new ThinkPad laptops using both the primary Internet connection and the redundant backup connection. The EmComm team checked out the HF and VHF communications gear and antennas. They tested local communications, then they contacted an Amateur radio operator in Austria and another off the coast of Columbia.

All systems are go for the open house, and more importantly the EOC is ready for an emergency activation. Kudos to all the dedicated volunteers who serve their neighbors at Portsmouth EMA.

The Portsmouth Fire Department’s open house is this Sunday September 30 from noon to 2:00 PM. Stop by the fire station at 2300 East Main Road to see PFD’s facilities and apparatus, Portsmouth EMA’s EOC, and meet some of the finest professional first responders and most dedicated emergency management volunteers on the planet.



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