Travel Advisory Sunday 11:20 AM

Road travel is not recommended.

All town and state roads were cleared by mid-morning, but drifting snow will continue to be a problem throughout the day today. Strong winds will continue to pick up the powdery fallen snow. Expect periods of low visibility. Previously cleared roads may be blocked by drifting snow. Local and state highway crews will be out in full force throughout the day, but they will face a daunting task of keeping the roads clear.

Temperatures will fall throughout the day. Temperature will be in the low single digits by daybreak on Monday. The lingering wind will result in some of the most extreme wind chills we have experienced in recent memory.

If you must travel by car, take precautions in case you are stranded. Dress warmly. Carry a fully charged cell phone and at least one working flashlight. Non-essential travel is not recommended. Stay home, stay safe.

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