Welcome new users

Nemo, the blizzard of 2013, brought many new people to follow Portsmouth Emergency Management Agency through Facebook, Twitter, and the EMA website. Welcome. We’re glad you found us.

We hope you will remain with us on Facebook and Twitter. We won’t distract you with superfluous Facebook postings or tweets. In fact, it can be pretty quiet around here for long periods of time. That’s by design. We don’t want to spam you with fluff nonsense. When you see a Facebook post or a tweet from Portsmouth Emergency, it will be information that we believe is important to your safety or well being. We will publish more routine day-to-day information here on the website blog, but these routine blog posts won’t be repeated on Facebook or Twitter.

The Internet is a marvelous resource, but in an emergency ALWAYS call 911. The E-911 center is staffed 24 hours a day by trained professionals who will quickly route your call to the appropriate response agency. The 911 operator is able to determine your location even if a connection is lost. The E-911 center can instantly identify the street address of a land-line phone, and they have the capability to determine the location of a cell phone.

You can help Portsmouth EMA improve our operations by participating in an on-line survey about our response to Nemo, the blizzard of 2013. The survey is here.

You can help your community by volunteering to serve as an EMA Volunteer. See the Volunteer tab on the menu above.

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